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 For Intrusion or burglar alarms, now you can choose to have advanced monitoring dispatch...

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Enhanced Call Verification Program, for intrusion alarms

ECV including
YPS Smart Dispatch SM*

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Sign up for smart dispatch...Now available for existing and new clients with intrusion alarms (burglar alarms) monitored by YPS. Sign Up! It's easy...

It's free, and it's a no brainer...it's a simple process and program that really works. All that you have to do is say yes, and sign up.


Why put
ECV and YPS Smart DispatchSM

        to work for you on your intrusion alarm today?

U.L. Certified





  • APPROVED PROGRAM under guidelines and regulations of Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.) for approved central stations like YPS.

  • Your alarm system immediately becomes more efficient and effective by reducing false alarms by some 30% to 50% (source, S.I.A.C.).

  • YPS Smart DispatchSM means NOT DISPATCHING ON FALSE ALARMS that can be verified as false by using approved and proven Enhanced Call Verification procedures.

  • NO ADDED CHARGES:  YPS Security Operators work harder for you, but at no additional cost to you either now or in the future. GUARANTEED. No setup charge - waived. No added monthly fee. Waived.

  • Saves time and headaches by eliminating the need for you or an employee always to meet police on FALSE ALARMS THAT ARE NOW ELIMINATED because police were not dispatched in the first place.

  • Increases your safety or your employee's safety by not having police arrive expecting to run into possibly armed intruders or burglars - again, many such false alarms are eliminated.

  • Immediate police emergency dispatch for fastest response continues for holdup alarms, (panic alarms, hostage alarms, duress alarms, etc.); program is for intrusion or burglar alarms ONLY.

  • Saves money if there are penalties already in effect for each false alarm in your community, or when a false alarm ordnance is enacted in the future.

  • SIACProgram recommended by the Security Industry Alarm Coalition,  national and state police associations, and local police departments. A bonus, an improved relationship with local police may occur due to fewer false alarms. ECV works!

  • Proven Success:  YPS has tested this system thoroughly with a good number of clients spanning several years of experience, with good success and without any problems. YPS has now opened the program to all clients that are monitored without ECV, as well as to new clients just signing up. 

How do I sign up? Is there really no charge?


           No charge:  When you sign up now, this is guaranteed never to change as long as this program remains available. Never a charge. GUARANTEED. Setup charge is waived, and no monthly fee is a reality. Once you're in, you're in!


           Sign Up:  Easy signup. Just fill out a new CLIENT INFORMATION FORM and complete the section on ENHANCED CALL VERIFICATION, listing 2 people and their cell phone numbers (best often to list the person who opens and/or closes as this is when the high number of false alarms occur). Sign it, and fax it to us. Questions, see below and ask your account rep or sales.


How does the program work?     [ back to top ]

What happens with ECV and YPS Smart DispatchSM  in place?

A two call process works...


The beauty of this program:  Absolute Simplicity.


And it works.

THE PROCESS:  Enhanced Call Verification procedures are used only for burglary signals. Panic, holdup, and other user-initiated alarms will still be handled per the procedure currently in place.

When YPS adds ECV and YPS Smart DispatchSM  to your account(s), we will be calling two phone numbers to verify the alarm prior to deciding to dispatch instead of just one. Very often this second call yields the fact that the alarm is indeed a false alarm, and no dispatch is made. And on average this second call will delay the dispatch by less than 30 seconds, both reasonable and with benefits that make it worthwhile.

Whenever possible the second number called should be a cellular number since most of the false dispatches occur while turning the system either on or off. Since so many of these false alarms are occurring during the on/off process it makes sense that someone is either at the premises or has recently left. In this case you will have sufficient information to make a decision on when to request a dispatch of law enforcement. It is not the intention of this procedure to have you guess as to whether to dispatch the police when you are not at the premises.

If you are not at the premises, have not recently left, or do not have additional information (janitorial service set to arrive to clean), then the decision should always be for the YPS Central Station to dispatch a responder.          [ back to top ]

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Need or want more info? IF you have questions about YPS Smart DispatchSM, call your account rep or sales during business hours - GO TO CONTACT INFORMATION - or email us with your contact information and include a good time to telephone you and we'll follow up.

  • General Questions? There's nothing to lose by talking with us and discussing what's possible to accomplish with wireless commercial security alarm systems or regular security systems with advance monitoring - Contact options here

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